Technician Training Experience at CERN

Did you know that there are a billion collisions per second in the LHC?
Imagine working on an experiment as fascinating as that! If you have a technical diploma, CERN has a thrilling opportunity for you! The Technician Training Experience offers you the opportunity to join a technical project for up to two years.
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What could be a better boost for your career than a 2 year contract in the largest scientific experiment in the world – an Organization at the cutting edge of technology and one which needs your technical expertise?

Imagine having your first work experience at CERN!

We welcome applications from talented technicians ( who will have the opportunity to work in a diversity of fields: electronics, electricity, mechanics, IT, vacuum, cooling and ventilation, safety, radioprotection, survey engineering, are but a few examples of the many domains in which successful applicants will learn and contribute their knowledge.

Apply to the specific projects that you’d love to work on, and/or to the generic TTE post, which gives us your green light to match you with any project (current or upcoming) that corresponds to your profile.
You can apply for this programme throughout the year.
Note that new projects can also be posted at any time.
Your application will be reviewed by a panel of CERN experts who meet every four months.
The next selection by this panel will take place in February 2022.

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Below you will find the generic vacancy and all open TTE jobs. All applications along with all supporting documents should reach us no later than 31.01.2022 Note: positions re-open straight after the stated closing date for the following selection round, so don't hesitate: apply now and take part!

Employees can work remotely

Electronics Technician at the ePool (TTE Programme)

Mechanical Designer for Radio Frequency Systems (TTE Programme)

Mechanical Designer (TTE Programme)

Mechanical Technician for Beam Instrumentation (TTE Programme)

Mechanical Technician for Septa Magnet Manufacturing

Electrical Technician - studies and supervision of LHC Injectors De-cabling (TTE Programme)

Preparation and Work Supervision of LHC Injectors De-cabling (TTE Programme)

Maintenance Technician (TTE programme)

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technician (TTE Programme)

Electrical Technician - Cabling Projects (TTE Programme)

Technician - Fibre Optics Installations (TTE Programme)

Maintenance Technician (TTE Programme)

Mechanical Technician - Thin Film Coatings and Laser Surface Modifications (TTE Programme)

Mechanical Technician (TTE Programme)

Mechanical Technician – Construction of Detector Structures (TTE programme)

Mechanical Technician - Precision Mechanics and Cooling Systems (TTE Programme)

Technician Training Experience (TTE)